Today is not Tomorrow

Today is not Tomorrow…….

These are wise words to remember as my heart rate soars and the inevitable foot curls and general stiffness and discomfort sets in.  I’m only 6 miles into a planned 25 mile bike.  It’s starting to look like and it definitely feels like this ride is going to be cut short.  It might just be a solid 45 mins (14 miles slow miles).  This is tough on so many levels.  First, as I’ve just described, physically there is a certain amount of “suck” going on.  Secondly, and maybe worse, is the tsunami of negative thoughts. Thoughts like “Just a year ago, you had 5 races under your belt and you were just about to complete your 6th”  (an Olympic distance Triathlon). “Now look at you! Struggling with what should amount to an easy Sunday ride.”

When you are trying to come back, or as I like to say, “get back up,” it’s so easy to get sucked into the comparison game.  You know.  When you compare what you can do now today to what you used to be able do yesterday, or sometime in the past.  I say you get “sucked into it” because this kind of negativity is like a riptide. It will gradually pull you out to sea and drown any dreams and aspirations you have. It’s particularly deceptive because in many ways it’s all true.  In the recent past, I was much fitter and my Parkinson’s symptoms were problematic but less so then they are today.  All true.  Also, all useless information.  It is useless because that kind of thinking does nothing to move us forward. To do that, we really should only be thinking about 2 things. Today & tomorrow.  As I’ve established, sometimes today sucks,  and is harder than it should be.  That’s okay…….because today is not tomorrow. I know that if I can string enough “todays” together,  and do it consistently, then the tomorrow that I’m striving for will come.  It may be gradual and slower than before, but it will come.  

So my friends, whatever you may be “getting back up” from, remember it doesn’t matter how fast or how far you could go in the past.  Because “today is not tomorrow.”  It doesn’t matter that you may have been disease free in the past or that your hips, knees & back used to work better than today.  Because “Today is not tomorrow.” Put your energy into making the most of today and tomorrow will come.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.  Now maybe an ice bath 🥶Today-Tomorrow.jpg

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